Hospitality Jobs in Dubai (with Salaries)

Hospitality Jobs in Dubai

If you’re looking to work in Hospitality Jobs in Dubai, here’s everything you need to know about how much these jobs pay and how to find them. The hospitality industry continues to grow as the tourism industry expands, both in Dubai and across the UAE. Hospitality jobs allow people from all over the world to travel and experience the beauty of this region while also earning money. Even if you’re a new resident, you can get hospitality jobs in Dubai—you just need to know where to look!…

What is the description for hospitality jobs in Dubai?

Hospitality is a much-sought-after sector for employment opportunities in Dubai. Hospitality jobs cover different segments of tourism and hospitality, which include hotels, restaurants, tour operators, travel agencies and airlines as well as retail jobs. The hospitality industry also offers many interesting career opportunities. The hospitality job market is booming in UAE with exciting job prospects across all segments of work. These are some of the most common tasks of those working in the hospitality industry:

  • Attending to people’s needs
  • Serving dishes
  • Recommending food or service
  • Arranging transportation services
  • Organizing meetings

What is the salary range of hospitality workers in Dubai?

Hospitality jobs fall into three main categories: housekeeping, food preparation and customer service. Depending on which type of hospitality job you’re seeking, salaries vary across UAE; generally speaking, though, customer service positions tend to offer higher salaries than other types of hospitality positions. For example, an average Hotel Manager salary for jobs in Dubai is a minimum of 5,000 AED ($ 1,361) per month. Apart from a tax-free salary, accommodation, health insurance and other training opportunities are also some of the benefits companies provide.

What are the popular hospitality jobs in Dubai?

There are many popular hospitality jobs in Dubai to consider. These positions include:

  • Room Attendant
  • Host or Hostess
  • Guest Relation Officer
  • Pastry Chef
  • Prep Cook
  • Wait Staff
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Bartender
  • Waiter or Waitress
  • Maid
  • Event Planner
  • Porter
  • Chef
  • Hotel Maintenance Manager
  • Cook
  • Head Chef
  • Chef de Partie
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Restaurant Server
  • Hotel Concierge
  • Event Manager
  • Executive Chef
  • Dishwasher
  • Barista
  • Hospitality Manager
  • Sous Chef
  • Housekeeper
  • Guest Relations Manager
  • Line Cook
  • Food Expeditor
  • Hotel Manager
  • Event Coordinator

What are the requirements of hospitality jobs in the UAE?

Hospitality jobs can require a diploma or an associate degree from a culinary arts or hospitality management program. Specific positions may require additional training, though it varies by industry and position. Some hospitality jobs in Dubai will even require specific skills, such as proficiency with computers and knowledge of foreign languages. Hospitality workers often have to be available to work long hours, so you’ll need to be able to show that you are flexible with your schedule.